What We Do

Engaging XMS means adding valuable talent, experience and insight to your team. Technical services are the core of what we do, but we can do much more, including various creative services and general consulting to your management team.

New Software Systems

We can design, build and test software systems, from small applets to mission critical enterprise systems. We specialize in multi-tier systems where finely tuned server and client components can out-perform typical web applications, offer more productivity features, and deliver a much more satisfying user experience.

Legacy Systems

Older systems often form the backbone of an organizations's day to day activities. But "old" doesn't necessarily mean "bad". If a system does what you need, and does it efficiently, it is important to ask what needs to change and whether a complete rewrite is really necessary. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. We can help you consider the issues and make the best choice for your business, without pressure from résumé builders who surf the bleeding edge at your expense.


The "Internet of Everything" is here, and we're on top of it for you. The world of digital devices that cannot communicate and work together is gone forever. Your computers, laptops, tablets, phones, wearable devices and specialty hardware can all work together now, in real time.

Creative Services

XMS is primarily a software development company, but software projects sometimes require other skills. We also have audio/video competencies that we offer to customers as a courtesy, where they might be helpful. We can provide audio production and mastering, video editing and transfer, graphic design, 3D drawing, photo editing, and a variety of related services.


Documentation is a dirty word to many software developers, but we take pride in our ability to communicate. We can develop whatever documentation a project needs, from requirements and design documents to user manuals and help systems. We believe in a "Goldilocks" approach to documentation -- not too much, not too little. We do what is needed to empower all parties involved with the system. Whatever is required, we will gladly produce it for you, not pass the buck to someone else.

Patent Application Support

We've been through the patent process from concept to final submission. For larger jobs, you should consult a patent attorney. However, if you are a smaller organization that does not know where to start, we can help you kickstart the process.

Mobile Apps

These days, everyone seems to want an iPhone/iPad or Android app. And that’s great. But here’s the catch: iOS and Android use totally different development platforms. Traditionally, this means that you either build your app twice (often hiring two different developers) or resort to gimmicky, limited workarounds. Fortunately, that’s not necessary anymore. With XMS, you will never pay twice for the same app. Multiple apps, one set of highly optimized code, zero compromises.

The Internet of Everything

The world of connected devices is exploding. We have the technology to make all your hardware work together, from older Windows desktops to the latest wearable gadget. All using one code base, compiled and optimized to the native operating system for each device, not some cheesy HTML-based workaround.

Integrated Solutions

Mobile apps are great, but very often a mobile app is part of a bigger system that involves desktop applications, server software and databases. Sometimes you want a mobile app to talk directly to your desktop, without a server. XMS solutions address all of these requirements with a single, uniform code base, which reduces costs and eliminates incompatibilities.

Creative Services

XMS is more than code. Today's software projects can become multimedia affairs, and sometimes require other skills. To meet these and other needs, XMS can provide audio production and mastering, video editing and transfer, graphic design, 3D drawing, photo editing, and a variety of related services.


Effective communication and documentation can make or break a project. We demand excellence in these areas. If you need a presentation to make the case, we can create one and deliver it effectively. When the project is underway, we expect to be in continuous contact with you from the earliest stages, so that any issues can be resolved before they morph into more costly problems.

Legacy Databases

Companies often find themselves saddled with older database technology that limits the growth of other systems. We have worked with databases from mainframes to the early days of dBASE through today's modern relational systems. We understand the issues and challenges in transitioning to more modern database systems. If you have systems that operate on legacy database architectures, we have the expertise and lessons learned to ensure a smooth transition.

Legacy Applications

If you have older systems that were developed in Delphi, you don’t have to throw them away! Delphi is alive and well. Like many systems developed in other languages like Visual Basic, older Delphi applications can suffer from poor design and architectural choices. But these issues are correctable. Unlike many older platforms, Delphi has evolved through the years, and is state of the art. Which means that your legacy Delphi apps have a new lease on life, if you prefer to update them rather than incur the far greater cost & risk of starting over with the trendy platform du jour. Click here for more information.


We want to build relationships. You will never be subject to sales pressure, dogmatic thinking, or to narrowly technical personnel who cannot communicate with you clearly. We exist to help you meet software challenges, but recognize that businesses are human enterprises. We will give you our best advice, and explain recommendations and options in detail. And we will never trivialize your concerns. In short, this is NOT us.